They say there are three things you should never skimp on: good wine, great shoes, and your eyebrows. That’s why we offer premium eyebrow services, because we know that a good eyebrow shape frame the face and can take years off you!

Microblading (Semi Permanent Makeup)



Eyebrow microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup performed manually, using a tool and not the traditional machine normally associated with tattooing. This therefore creates natural hair like strokes, following an Hyper- realistic pattern and not a blocked or heavy makeup effect.

Very Bettie offers a fully trained, qualified, insured and licensed Phibrows service, with clinics a stone’s throw away from Gatwick Airport in Horley, Surrey.

So what happens?

  1. The shape of your eyebrows are measured accurately using your facial proportions. Once the design is agreed and approved by you we then match the colour to give the most natural looking result. PhiBrows pigments are high quality, free from heavy metals, organic, not tested on animals and of course like all of our services, vegan friendly.
  2. Individual hyper-realistic hair strokes are artistically drawn on following the natural hair growth direction using a superfine PhiBrows single-use sterile blade hand-tool (there is no machine work involved.)
  3. Finally, the Pigment is filled into each of the individually drawn hairs giving you long lasting brows of up to 18 months.

Every client receives an aftercare pack and post treatment support.

The full treatment is a 2-part process so a refresh is essential 4-6 weeks following your first treatment. This is included in the treatment price.


£275 (including 4-6 week refresh)

Annual Refresh: £100

 Love them is an understatement. I can’t express in words my happiness for my new brows. Microblading has never really been an option for me as I’m too much of a baby! Well for those of you that are contemplating this I can highly recommend Alex. My whole make-up routine has been transformed. A highly professional service topped off with ease, comfort and artistic talent!


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Eyebrow Definition 

eyebrow definition, lash extensions, beauty services, very bettie

What a difference! The same eyes, before and after eyebrow definition and lash extensions.

Our eyebrow definition services starts with a consultation to find your perfect shape, then after some shaping, tinting, trimming, waxing, and tweezering we finish the service with a little powder or brow pencil. Voila! Before you go, we’ll give you a quick demo of how to apply brow makeup yourself and how to maintain those beautiful brows inbetween appointments.

Full Brow Definition service £25

Brow Wax £10

Brow Tint £10



  Lash Extensions


Whether you want a subtle enhancement of your own lashes, a boost of volume and length, or want go all out on a glamourous look to rival Elizabeth Taylor, then why not treat yourself to some semi permanent eyelash extensions! If you want to ditch the eyelash curlers and mascara and save oodles of time, these are your get-gorgeous-quick answer!

Full Set (1.5-2 hrs) £50

Infills (every 2-3 weeks, depending on your lash lifecycle, 45 mins) £20/ £25


Lash Lift

lash lift, lash tint, microblading, beauty services

Above: Lash lift, boosted with a tint

If you’re more than happy with your natural lashes but just need a little curl to them, this could be what you’re looking for. This treatment lifts your lashes from the root to give them a longer, curlier appearance without having to use eyelash curlers. A darker than dark tint is then applied to create the illusion of volume and in the blink of an eye, you have naturally gorgeous lashes with zero maintenance for an amazing 6-8 weeks!



Lash Tint

For those who just want to keep it simple, yet effective, this service will leave you with natural looking lush dark lashes, framing your eyes without the need for mascara.


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