Professor Sprout, Costas, Clowns, Elizabeth Taylor & Mince Pies…

Hi All,

I hope you are all well and truly into the festive spirit! I know I certainly am…. Gin counts as festive spirit, right? 😉 This week I’ve fallen well and truly off the healthy eating wagon and stuffing myself stupid with anything and everything. I’ve discovered some gorgeous Mince pies by a company called Foods of Athenery. They are Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free, so in my deluded mind I feel are healthy. Wrong. So good, yet so naughty. Perfect for any Vegans out there thinking they might be missing out this season.

So, what have I been up to in the world of makeup and hair?

Well, I had the absolute pleasure of being part of the makeup and hair crew for a short film currently in production. I don’t know if I am able to say the name of the film, so I won’t… not just yet anyway, however, I was lucky enough to work with the wonderful Miriam Margolyes (Professor Sprout in Harry Potter amongst MANY other great roles. Lady Whiteadder being one of my person favourites) and one of the finest actors this country has produced Mr Tom Conti (Shirley Valentine, Batman- The Dark Knight Rises). ‘Shirley Valentine’ is in my top 3 favourite films, so I’m afraid my professionalism may have gone out of the window… really.. I might have stared at him too much or started dribbling into the mattifying powder, but its not every day you get to work with one of your favourite actors. Both Miriam and Tom were an absolute delight to work with, hugely fun to watch in action and both very kind and gracious. I am so relieved, they say never meet your idols. I have in the past met actors I absolutely adored… until I met them.

I also had the task of creating a clown face. Easy eh? Hmmm. Ask me to make someone look like Elizabeth Taylor and I could do it in my sleep. Ask me to make someone look like Coco the clown and I, well… lets say it pushed my comfort zone. Great fun though, and you know where to come for your clown makeovers now. The actor who was being made up to be a clown was a total sweetheart, a dancer who’s toured with Take That and is in lots of commercials, in fact he is currently parading about on the telly in denim hot pants, heels, and a jacket for a price comparison website.

Talking of Elizabeth Taylor, one of the actresses I worked with this week also starred in that small movie ‘Cleopatra” you may have heard of starring that little known actor Richard Burton and his lesser known lover, Elizabeth Taylor (Cleopatra). Her name is Jacqueline Chan and she played Lotus, the maid that Cleopatra kills with a cup of poison. You can imagine the Q&A I thrust upon her. I think she enjoyed telling me all about the big love affair between Taylor and Burton. Elizabeth was as gorgeous a person on the inside as she was to look at apparently… I could have quizzed Jacqueline all day but work had to be done, and I think I was coming across as a bit weird towards the end of the conversation.

Anyway, thats enough name dropping for this little post. I hope you all have a wonderful christmas! I shall post again very soon with details for upcoming vintage hair workshops (listed on events tab)

Hope you enjoy the photos 🙂

Alex xxx



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