I’m Alex, the owner of Very Bettie!  I have always had a love affair with make up, hair and beauty and the glamour of yesteryear.

It all started with my Grandmother, who was always so glamorous! We used to talk about shoes and lipstick and she was proud to have been a model for Cutex in younger years- she would never leave the house without polished nails and a coral lip! I was introduced via magazines and films to some of my favourite style idols such as Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. She would sip a Gin cocktail as she told me stories about the icons of the 20th Century. She showed me photos from the magazines she had collected over the years. I was spellbound, gripped by the glitz, the glamour and the drama!

I went on to train in makeup artistry and all things lashes and brows…. it was inevitable Very Bettie, a place where I could incorporate all my passions,  would be born!