So as the newest member to the VB family I feel its only right I share a little about myself as my gorgeous friends have.

I have been in love with make-up since I was old enough to hold a make-up brush. I would play and play and play, a perfectionist in the making! Like many I went through my ‘grungey’ stage at college and would become known as the girl with blue lashes, yep that was me rocking the blue liner and mascara daily! I was setting out for the world of film, tv and theatre but quickly ended up in corporate world behind a desk leading a team of extraordinary people in a really ordinary job.

2020 for me was a year of complete transformation. I, like you all, am a super fan of the salon and after having my brows sorted out good and proper I decided to get trained in all things lashes and brows. Determined that one day I’d be in there doing what Alex and Amber do, I put my all into it, I hoped and I prayed 🙏 and the universe made it so!

I love every minute I’m in there working with those two beautiful people and getting to know you all doing something I love! There is no better feeling!!!